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The Stony Brook Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized on January 19, 1905. Services were first held in the large second story room of the village school house, which was located on the site of the present Odell Aamot home. The present church was dedicated in July, 1910. The first pastor was Rev. Otto Juul, who served from 1905 - 1914. Rev. Einar Wulfsberg served from 1915 - 1921.

   The Stony Brook Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church merged with United Lutheran Church of Wendell in 1922. A new name was selected at that time, Trinity Lutheran Church, and the new pastor was Rev. Herman Lunde, who served from 1922 - 1927.

In 1944, lightning struck the steeple, quick action from the neighbors and fire department prevented the fire from burning beyond the base of the steeple. In the Fall of 1955, Stained Glass windows with new frames were installed. In 1979, the church board decided to protect the windows from damage by installing storm windows.

   Other Pastors that have served are: S.C. Simonson 1927 - 1930; O.G. Aasen 1930 - 1957; T.G. Thompson 1957 - 1960; Allen G. Hagstrom 1958 - 1960; Howard L. Stewart 1961 - 1965; Harold Buiede (Interim) 1965; Luther Johnson 1965 - 1970. Harold W. Underdahl 1970 - 1979; David P. Holte 1979 - 1985; Don R. Walker 1985 - 1990 Armin Mueller 1991; Richard Bridston 1991 - 1994; Merle Fagerberg 1992 - 1999; Student Pastor Lynn Dau 2000 - 2003. Student Pastor Rud Wasson 2004- 2006 Student Pastor Wayne Quam 2005 - 2008

 Presently we are being served by our excellent pastor:
Dr. Eugene Boe
1994 -

Have you ever gazed on the picture in Trinity’s altar and wondered whether it was painted by someone of faith or just a reproduction with no thought or importance placed on it?  The artist Hjerborn Gausta (1854-1924) produced the painting.  He was a Norwegian-American painter, born in Vestfjorddalen, Telemark, Norway on June 16, 1854. He and his family emigrated from Norway and settled in Harmony, MN in 1867.  From 1872 to 1875 he attended Luther College, Decorah, IA.  After graduating from Luther, he spent several years studying art throughout Europe, spending much of his time in his homeland of Norway.  After traveling in the Midwest for a few more years, Gausta returned to Luther to teach art during the 1886-87 school year. During part of this time, he lived with the Korens at the Washington Prairie parsonage where he sketched on the walls of his room.  Two of the sketches may still be seen. After another year wandering in Europe, he returned to Minneapolis where he taught at the University of Minnesota until his death on May 22, 1924.  In addition to teaching, he supported himself by painting portraits of prominent Norwegian-American individuals and about 400 altar pieces for Norwegian-American churches.  His paintings are still exhibited and he is, perhaps, the best known of the Norwegian-American artists.  The Luther College Archives contain extensive records focusing on Gausta.