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This pencil sketch was done by Lisa our former Postmaster!!!
Thank You Lisa!!

Scalamobile comes to Trinity !!

Does the scalamobil fit my wheelchair?
Yes, the scalamobil fits on nearly all models of wheelchair.
How is the scalamobil driven?
The quiet electric motor on the scalamobil runs off a powerful rechargeable battery,
  that is kept always operational using a charger.

How far can I travel with a single charge of the battery?
As a rule, one charge of the battery is enough to climb 300 steps
(for a person weighing approx. 70 kg or 155 lbs).
That is equivalent to about 20 floors.

Does one need a lot of strength to operate the scalamobil?
At the push of a button, the electric motor takes care of all the climbing work.
Guiding the scalamobil requires very little strength.

How heavy can a person be who wishes to use the scalamobil as a staircase climbing aid?
Combined weight not exceeding 300 pounds
What speed does the unit travel?
At a rate of up to 16 steps per minute

  Lauren C. Syverson Address: 175 FSC, 1-151 FA  APO, AE  09330

Mark Weigand's HQ RC(S) - (Bravo) 82D ABN DIV APO AE 09355

   Joshua Ulrich address: AT3 Joshua Ulrich USS Enterprise CVN-65
               Box 54/IM-3?Shop 8   FPO AE 09543-2810   ulrichj@enterprise.navy.mil

   Michael Melo  HSC/Company Maintenance/ 142nd ECB (Hvy) Unit#92658 APO AE 09323-2658

   Miah Ulrich address: SSG. Ulrich, Jeremiah  353rd TRANS CO
                                     COB Q-West   APO AE  09351

   1LT Nate Moir: HHC 1-101 Psyop Detachment 1320 Fob FENTY APO AE 09310

   CPL BROWN KASEY HMH-362 AVIO UNIT 44160 FPO AP 96607-4160

    Recruit Brown, Kody G. 3rd BN Kilo Co. PLT 3222 38990 Midway Avenue  
                   San Diego, CA 92140-3222

            Web Site for the (Dawson) Rude Family:

                      Web Site for Ryan Engelby
                       New Address: Ryan Engelby
                         720 22 Ave. Ea. Apt. 107
                          Alexandria, MN 56308

           Josh Hammer's Web Site:

          Visit the City of Wendell web site!

Trinity will be working in partnership with Peace Lutheran Church in Barrett to collect items for “care packages” for our Grant County soldiers in Iraq.  We will have a box in the Narthex where your items can be placed.  After enough items are collected, we will take them to Barrett, or Irene Shervey, for shipment. 
Money toward postage would also be welcome. 

Items for Care Package:
Cookies in packages           
Newspaper Clippings                               
Cartoon Books
Joke Books                        
Razor Blades/Disposable Razors   
Puzzle Books
Tylenol or Aspirin                         
Box Munchies
Trail Mix                            
Snack Sausages                             
Baby Wipes
Health Food Snacks                      
Deodorant (Solid or Gel)              
Carmex Lip Balm
Shoe Insole Cushions                    
Candy Bars –No Chocolate                    
Eye Drops                          
Hard Candy              
Kool-aid Powder (with sugar in)       
Heavy-duty Zip-lock Bags (Gallon)                                                    
Pencils and Pens                
Post Cards
Easy-Mac Noodles                         
Playing Cards                                          
Ramen Noodles
Powdered Gatorade 
Tupperware (Keep Goodies Fresh)
Money for postage to send packages over!

Please - Nothing that is highly perishable, no glass containers or aerosol cans.
Questions??? Contact Irene Shervey 685-4309

   Some helpful Bible web pages:                          

    Churchangel  Find a church in any town you visit. 

    Revised Standard Version searches

    King James Version searches

    Biblegateway word search

    International Bible Society

    Lutheran Hour Ministries


    Christian Family site